Inal Savchenkov

His first exhibition in Leningrad in 1985 Inal Savchenkov literally melted on the Neva to the Baltic Sea, dropping a dozen paintings from the bridge near the Foundry Gallery "Assa". The best point of view of the exhibition was, of course, under the wing of an airplane, and, perhaps, on a space orbit. "New Artists", which carried Savchenkov revolution of those years, opened a free movement in all directions, real and virtual worlds in search of actual images of modern times. Savchenkov first joined the extreme point in the current historical transavangardnoy model of the world, likening the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing cyberpunk images of monsters, astronauts and divers beasts and birds. Space in the painting of the artist - is boundless environment in which the planets-bumps, the clouds and platforms interact with the characters cyberpunk fantasy era.
Savchenko said: "I believe that the stories enough to take any textbook on physics or biology, for example. Any bacterium can become a hero, both positive and negative ... If someone is afraid of my heroes - if not looks. I do not like artists who contribute to the work of personal experiences, and in my paintings there is nothing personal - I work abstractly. I really like my heroes, I get along well with them, and many of my friends they also love. ...
When the subconscious mind works, the artist never makes mistakes. Do not rule out the interaction of soul and mind, but I'm closer to the intuitive painting. "
Savchenkova like interplanetary space theater attractions, where visitors are going through transformation, not always voluntarily and safely, but always fun and unexpected.Transpersonal morphing artist carries out a large scale and continuous history for more than a quarter of a century by the normal means: canvas, paper, acrylic paints, markers and scissors if necessary to make a cartoon film shestnadtsatimillimetrovoy and everything will fall by the hand - from the doors of the bookcase to cover the iron box.
In NameGallery are beautiful songs of the 1980s from the private collections of St. Petersburg and paintings, written specially for this exhibition, rare art objects, as well as animated films 1986-1992, including the film "Bolt of Cupid," done with the participation of Sergei Kuryokhin.
Ekaterina Andreeva