Vladimir Shinkarev

Solo exhibition of paintings
Vladimir Shinkarev "Rome in the winter"

"The city, whose locum tenens - artists, curators of the atmosphere,
give effect to the Roman precious dust in a glow on the bristle brush and palette knife edges "
At the exhibition "Rome in the winter," presented to the thirty paintings by Vladimir Shinkarev, on which work began in the Eternal City, the winter of 2009 after receiving the award named after the artist Joseph Brodsky.
All the pieces fit together in a vivid picture of a winter afternoon, sunset, dusk, night and darkness again deceived dawn. "Rome in the winter," Shinkareva - how in the area of ??the gorge and famous streets in the air stream moves very remarkable Roman times, flows freely along the bed of the Tiber eternity, absorbing the matter and present: light neon lights or parked cars. In this journey, reproduced in the painting, the material becomes saturated colors like dusty travertine facing Isola Tiber stretched along the entire Cape, penetrated through the coastal arch Ponte Honor. Shinkareva picture - the historical stronghold, thousands of weathered dust and converted into art in the light of "uncreated" light in the painting by Poussin and Corot, in the 1960 film 70. But at the same time we face is real Rome in the winter, when at noon palms and porticoes index briefly envelops the soft golden glow, and the rest of the day the sky over the city, it gets dark, it becomes clear, as if in a range of dark tones in the shadows of the presence of dissolved massColiseum.
/ Used in the text fragments article curator Ekaterina Andreeva /